Welcome to the Bushfire Attack Level Calculator, this site is to help you determine your Bushfire Attack Level using the Australian Standards AS 3959 simplified procedure.

The pages listed above explain how to classify vegetation type, distance and slope.

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Calculating your bushfire attack level is the first step in making the necessary changes as listed in the Australian Standards AS 3959, it is also a great way for homeowners to gain a better understanding on what their bushfire risk is.

The Bushfire Attack Level Calculator, or BAL Calculator, is easy to use and there are only 4 questions to answer base on region, vegetation type, slope and distance. We don’t ask for any personal information and it is completely free to use the Bushfire Attack Level Calculator.

There are many things you can do to your home to protect it from bushfires, but you first need to know what to do! That is why the Australian Standards AS 3959 was developed, it recommends steps, based on your Bushfire Attack Level, that you can take to defend your property. By following the Australian Standards AS 3959 you are able to understand your specific risk.

The Bushfire Attack Levels are broken down into 6 categories;

BAL 12.5
BAL 19
BAL 29
BAL 40
BAL Flame Zone

The steps you need to take are based on which of these categories you are in, so take the first step in understanding your bushfire risk and calculate your Bushfire Attack Level. Prevention is the best defence, usually it’s the only defence!

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Thanks for using the Bushfire Attack Level Calculator, take the steps needed to prepare your property and have a safe summer!